Funky Fox Signs we provide the full company or product branding and promo service including survey, design, manufacture and installation. Whether it's for a small sign that requires special attention to its finish or an enormous sign for an petrol station that needs crane to be involved in this project we're ready to help.

SURVEY During the survey we can discuss your requirements on site and talk through any possible issues in advance to prevent any problems at the next stage of process. We've installed many of signs in many of locations so you can rely on our experience to guide you into choosing the optimal combination of signs and location.

DESIGN You may have little more than simple the text , just simply upgrade your sign for logo or  photo to make it really stand out. . We can advise you about the different options and products available for your promo idea. You will be always advised about colour schemes, fonts best materials to suit your campain budget and everything else that needs to be taken into consideration to create perfect option for your business or brand.

MANUFACTURE The vast majority of our signs are manufactured at our facility in Nottingam. Our team has over 15 years' experience in producing qualitye signs and it's frequently the case that the same person who makes the sign installs it as well, thus ensuring that the requisite care and attention is taken and allowing us to to be a proud our projects are finished in our high standards company policy.

INSTALLATION We install the most of our signs ourselves as part of our standard terms of supply. We use our own experienced fitters who can easely complete just about any projects whether it's for installing a plexi glass sign outside a office or installing LED lettering high up on the wall of shop front.

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